Graphic Repairing Ship Supervision System

Graphic Repairing Ship Supervision System

Graphic Repairing Ship Supervision System(GR3S), a integrate graphic repairing ship platform for group of ship repairing enterprises to you. According to graphical User-Interface(UI), you can build a standardized, unified, complete, secure ship repairing information platform which can show group subordinate enterprises current production situation directly wherever you are, and comprehensively improve the business, production and management level.

New profiles and features include:

  • Profile according to user’s favorite, you can define User-Interface(UI) and services etc.
  • Multi-Language according to user’s language habit, Set you UI and funcational culture language. including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages.
  • Viewablity graphics operational UI, you can use the system more friendly and directly.
  • Dragable you can drag to move the ship to the position.
  • Dockable each form or box owns floating, dockable, auto hide, hide etc status, enlarge or deflate the main windows.
  • Voice tip Using the voice tips, you can catch the point of the repairing plan and process.
  • Mobile communications provides messages to notify users of the current system of state and operation.
  • User Login tracking helps administrators track the usage of the system.
  • Persistent System Log helps you track the overall health of the system. Administrators can view warnings and errors with sufficient information to help developers pinpoint the problem.
  • Scheduler allows you to schedule transposition of ship at virtually any frequency.
  • Statistics Reports is enabled via a component of Microsoft Office Web Components to show the statistics reports.
There are some screenshots of GR3S below:

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Welcome Page(Click to zomm in)

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Planning Page(Click to zomm in)

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Shipyard Page(Click to zomm in)

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Statistic Report Page(Click to zomm in)

Welcome Page
Planning Page
Shipyard Page
Statistic Report Page
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