Over-vision IT Solution

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OV IT Solutins is an Industry-Recognized Leader that provides compreshensive technology services and solution to help you maximize your IT investments.

Business Intelligence

Decision-making process, including support services and solutions. Focus from internal and external resources to collect and prepare data.

Customer Relationship Management

We can in marketing, sales and distribution and customer service areas, relevant to your customers and sales-oriented business processes to support the activities.

Enterprise resource planning

We provide comprehensive consulting services and integration-based services and solutions to support customer logistics, administrative business processes and management.

IT consulting and systems integration

The innovative technology and best practice solutions that integrate, so you get the most forward-looking solutions to meet your requirements.

Product Lifecycle Management

The solution for the entire enterprise of all products and services described in the life cycle of data and documents integrated management.

Supply Chain Management

The procurement solution programs, and strengthen you and your co-operation between suppliers, we are sourcing for your strong support.