Privacy Statement

Thank you for using over-vision products and services

OV knows that you placed our trust and our responsibility to protecting your privacy.To fulfill this responsibility, we will let you know, when you use the OV products and services which we collect your information, why we collect this information and how we use the information to improve your experience.

We developed the following five privacy principles to guide us on how to deal with products and services related to privacy and user information, and other issues:

1. Usage of information which we collected provides users with valuable products and services.

2. Development of privacy standards and privacy practices consistent with the products and services.

3. The personal collection of information and transparency of company information.

4. To provide users with meaningful choices, protect their privacy.

5. Security of information at our disposal.

Privacy Center Sheli mind is: to help you easily learn more about the product and our Terms of Use, you informed the premise select which products to use, how to use Zhexie what products and provide us with information.

Company Information

provider’s information you need to configure your products and services used in the relevant configuration information.


OV company assigned customers and accounts, you can use the account number and password to log on and use the products purchased.


We use confidentiality agreements to ensure a common transmission network will not be tampered with, stolen.


If you have additional questions, please contact us. Or mail to: