Graphic Repairing Ship Supervision System(GR3S) Help

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This documentation provides help instructions for GR3S.

About GR3S

GR3S is a integrate graphic repairing ship platform for group of ship repairing enterprises. According to graphical User-Interface(UI), you can build a standardized, unified, complete, secure ship repairing information platform which can show group subordinate enterprises current production situation directly, and comprehensively improve the business, production and management level.


1.      Double click GR3S.Starting on the desktop or Click Menu->All Programes->Graphic Repairing Ship Supervision->GR3S.Starting.

2.      On the Logon form, input user name and password. For PC version, user name is manager, password is manager.

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Integrate platform

Integrate Operation Platform make Man-Machine interface(MMI) friendly.

1.Menu: All operations can be found in the menu.

2.Tool bar: Some shortcut menu.

3.Status bar: Shows current operation.

4.Navigator box: Navigate to each function.

5.Tool box: Includes standard shapes and assigned vessels areas.

6.Property box: All properties can be viewed and edited in the same box.

8.Task box: Shows notification or task.

9.Calendar, Weather and Tide box: Calendar, Weather and tide infomation integrate in a box.

10.Start page: Welcome page.

11.Plan form: Support a global map to view the planning ship infomation.

12.Shipyard form: Support a shipyard map to view the repairing ship infomation.

13.Statistics Form: Customize some statistic reports for customer.

14.Dockable title and menu: Set the form or box as floating, dockable, auto hide or hide status, enlarge or deflate the main windows.

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User Management

Manage user for the system.

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Customer Management

1.Classification Society Management.

2.Vessel Agent Management.

3.Vessel Owner Management.

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In group version, we support a embedded quotation system.

1.Open the Planning form.

2.From Toolbox, drag vessel icon to the map, move to the position which it is.

3.Right click the vessel, then select Property menu. On the Property box, input vessel name and quotation infomation. For PC version, just input the quote price.

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Planning and Assigning

When win the BID, you should make a repairing plan and assign the vessel to a shipyard. Or when lost the BID, you should also input the failure reason.

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Repairing Ship Process

1.Open Shipyard form, it should show all vessels in Toolbox assigned vessels which assigned to the shipyard. drag them to the map. or you can drag a vessel from Toolbox standard shapes to the map.

2.Drag a vessel on the map and move it to the appointed position.In 5 minutes, the result should take effect on the each desktop.

3.Edit the vessel information, send notification to the relational person by system and(or) by mobile. Then relational person should receive notification on the Task box or on their mobile telphone.

4.After finish the repairing, depart the vessel.

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Statistics Charts and Reports

Statistics for the quotation and repairing distribution.

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